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Is someone waiting to speak with you from the other side? Are you looking to learn more about your own energy and intuition? Maybe you are just looking for other like minded people to share your experiences and journey with...

If so, you’ve come to the right place. For the last 3 decades, Petra Staskova has been helping people like yourself reconnect with their lost loved ones through her work and is one of the world’s most recognized psychic mediums and teachers in this field. It’s a priceless ability that Petra has been sharing through her private readings, her live events held all around the world.

If you’ve made it to this page and you’re still reading this, chances are that you would like to interact with Petras ability and work. 



We have been conditioned to think of our bodies and our health in mechanical/chemical terminology, but our bodies are also electric, and acoustic. When we approach health from an electromagnetic, vibrational, and informational perspective, many new possibilities for treatment, and support for our health, resiliency, immunity, and overall wellbeing open up to us.

I may not know you personally,

but I know you want to live a soulful, purposeful,

& fulfilling life that positively changes the world in a profound way!


must purchase one of Petra's consultations first to redeem 10 min free consultation 


Once you meet with Petra, you quickly realize that she gets right to the point and is amazingly accurate about your current life and challenges that come with it. Petra also focuses on your true potential, purpose, mission and vision, how to bring them to the surface and how you can benefit from it; how to control  connections between you mind, emotions and behavior; how to define what you really want in life; and more.... 

Petra not only provides invaluable guidance and direction to many, but also you will receive extremely accurate and valuable information, tools and guidance which then empower you to refocus, refine and re-evaluate important aspects of you life challenges which eventually will lead you towards using your common sense and open heart.

Talking to Petra is like meeting a friend whom you loved so dearly, but lost a long time ago and finally met again. The friend that knows and senses everything about you, your sadness and your pain, and always seems to be able to tell you what to do about the things that trouble you. Petra is a Spiritual-soul consultant and through the special modalities she has developed over the years, Petra is able to reach your troubled soul deep down, heal the sadness and pain from your heart, repair the damage, encourage you, and give you the strength and the direction to continue through your life on this planet. Petra never judges you or your actions. She takes you for who you are. 

She touches your soul and brings into your life a little bit of the Other Side, reminding you that you are a very precious, special and glorious soul. Petra fills your heart with unconditional love and grace and always tells you to use your common sense. Petra is an Inspirational and spiritual Coach.

It is a privilege  to be a human;

It is up to you to believe...


Petra Staskova

inspirationaland spiritual coach

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Messages form the other side

Where do we go after we die


The truth about Kundalini energy

How to fully experience awakening and alignment

What people are saying...

I wasn't always a believer. I've faced a lot of losses and difficulties in life that just over time got the best of me. Petra is a genuine person and accurate? Yes! Very accurate, very gentle person. She's literally an angel walking this earth, she is amazing! She helped me realize just how worthy I am and what I am capable of, she never judged me and also helped me with buried pain that was weighing down on me. I honestly feel free and very thankful, my life is COMPLETELY changed thanks to Petra.

Emma, M.D., LA

I was confused, stressed out, overworked and sleep deprived when I counseled with Petra. From the first session, she helped me to clarify my true heart's desires, and laid the plan to achieving them in a simple step by step fashion. I feel free once again to live my life in a wholesome way, and to give of myself to my career and family only the best, since I am now taking care of my needs first!"

John, NC

Petra is a powerful medium. She has a profound ability to guide you into the depths of your suppressed emotions, find the root cause of them, and therefore create permanent, positive healings. I would recommend anybody hire Petra who is looking to deepen their Spiritual understanding of "them-self" and heal their past!

Michelle Gioia, NV

Abigail, Manager

One of the beautiful things about Petra is that she’s so flexible, she can handle whatever is coming at her. . .We can go spiritual, we can go physical, we can go emotional, we can go business, we can go life, we can go health, we can go wherever we want to go, and she is totally there with me. . . I’ve worked with other people before but there’s something about Petra that’s different. This isn’t psycho babble, this isn’t psychotherapy, this isn’t psychology, this is healing at the level of the soul and Petra is the channel, she is the one that is bringing an energy through you that is just given to her from the Divine. Petra really can make miracles happen and I’ve been on the receiving end of that many hundreds of times now.

Emily, Author

I’ve been a client of Petra’s. It’s profound. It’s transformative. . . absolutely authentic. . . what we call the real deal.

Olivia, Teacher

Before I started working with Petra, I had tried everything to attract a loving relationship. I had read books, attended seminars, made vision boards, created lists, received advice from experts. . .but nothing worked. Every session was a profound shift for me in becoming aware, connecting to my soul, and releasing beliefs that were not serving my intention. And now, not only have I attracted a fulfilling, passionate, and healthy relationship, but I also have the tools and ability to connect to the divine and to listen to my intuition and soul whenever I need guidance. My life is more in alignment now than it has ever been. I've never felt so happy, connected, and purposeful. Every session with Petra is an awakening for me.

I have known Petra for many years, and have had the privilege to work with her, and to call her a friend. Not only is she an amazing psychic and medium, but also her generous heart, and caring nature makes her even more special! Also her knowledge and education in esoteric subjects makes her one of the best teachers I know!

- John Holland
Psychic Medium, Teacher and bestselling Author,
Psychic Navigator

Petra is one of the most gifted psychic mediums and  one of the most powerful spiritual healers around. Incredibly accurate, loving, and wise. 

- Sylvia Celeste Browne
Renowned Psychic and bestselling Author


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