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About Petra


   Petra was born in and grew up in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. From an early age she had senses that others did not. Extremely sensitive, she was able to know things that had not yet occurred, she could see and hear spirits. She consistently knew such things as the sex of unborn babies in her family and impending medical situations. She would always help her family and close friends with health and life challenges. She would often talk about angels and Masters of Heaven.

As she grew older and moved to America in 1995, she often was contacted by those who had crossed over. These occurrences got more frequent over time so she was determined to learn more about the other side, life after death and reincarnations.


    She spent countless hours learning from her spirit guides and angels how to help spirits that were seeking her for help. She has very strong faith in Angels and Masters of Heaven but never pushes her believes on anybody else.


   At the age of 23, she decided to learn more about her healing abilities and how to control them. She continued to help people with problems, giving readings on health, happiness, spiritual growth and the future. She had a sense, however, that she was destined to do more.

Petra studied many years the healing arts as Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki Kvantum homeopathy and is now certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher by International Association of Reiki Professionals. Combined with her sensitive intuitions, she in now able to do more to help people with problems ranging from cancer to broken bones. She currently offers Spiritual classes, Reiki and Karuna-Ki classes and attunements.


   Petra currently lives in the US giving intuitive readings, doing healings using a variety of methods and teaching spiritual classes. She gives consultations and healings in her new home town Colorado Springs, CO. She gives readings and healings by phone or skype and travels around the US and Europe doing the same. She continues working hard to understand her abilities and developing them to help people.

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