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Aquarius Horoscope for May 2022

Posted on May 01, 2022 in Aquarius |

By Petra

This month is another tricky one for you, Aquarius, with multiple factors unfolding having to do with both inner and outer development. In the early going there is a huge emphasis on expansions of a more private nature, in terms of home and family issues of all kinds, including family of origin. Interior discoveries are engendered that eventually lead you to greater heights with societal commitment and in terms of career and profession. Finances and other resources take on an almost mystical dimension now, which can be confusing. You are recognizing that what goes on in the deepest reaches of your psyche call perhaps more of the actual shots for you than you would have formerly cared to admit. The synchronicity between inner and outer events is real, and the basis as well for astrology. With the retrograde of  Mercury on May 10th, this signals an introspective time, enhancing your internal explorations. Your creativity is emphasized, and this area also comes up for review and potential revision, lasting through to mid-June. With the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of May 15th , you might concentrate more attention on your public statement as you also acknowledge the influence of inner events, seeking their fruitful integration.

May begins astrologically with a Solar Eclipse in Taurus, which took place the last day of April in the part of your chart that relates to your home, your family, and your psychological roots. New domestic scenarios could therefore emerge this month, especially if you're looking to relocate or reorganize your space. Your family could become a central point of focus, and you may desire to know more about your familial history and where you come from. Eclipses last approximately six months so that these themes could stay with you for many weeks. With the eclipse  Sun and Moon conjunct trickster Uranus there are also likely to be surprises in this important area. There are also implications for your most cherished values to emerge with greater affection and clarity or for your finances to be suffused with a rosy glow or a non-materialistic attitude over the course of this interesting and mystical monthly cycle.

Venus also enters Aries near the beginning of the month, on the 2nd, allowing your communications to flow more pleasantly in the coming weeks. Talking things through with your friends could feel therapeutic and bring some new ideas. You may feel more inclined to speak your mind and express your feeling openly, especially if you've been keeping everything in more recently. Your values and sense of self-worth may have been a significant focus point since Saturn entered Aquarius. You could start to feel the results of the hard work you've been doing on yourself, and it may be starting to feel easier to know what you need to feel happy.

The  Sun in Taurus conjuncts Uranus on the 5th and this could bring up a degree of instability or uncertainty related to your domestic life. You could change your mind rapidly regarding what you want, depending on factors that seem outside of your control. A certain amount of restlessness permeates the first half of the month, and you may need to contend with many strange things that could make everything harder to plan. You may feel like you need to commit to a plan, although it may seem like the universe is conspiring to deliver more questions than answers at this time. The First Quarter Moon in Leo on the late afternoon or evening of May 8th could bring tension that serves as an essential indicator of where the stress is coming from right now and where you may need to adjust your expectations.

A significant shift occurs on May 10th as  Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini and Jupiter enters Aries. Pay attention to what transpires during this second week of the month, as you may feel the need to revisit these themes.  Mercury will be retrograde, and then recovering, until the middle of June and during this time there could be themes related to romance, intimacy, loyalty, and commitments. Jupiter's simultaneous ingress into the sign of Aries could also bring positive developments for things related to communication in the months ahead. Your self-expression is an essential motif coming up right now, and you could question, assess, and revise how you communicate with the world around you.

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 15th, which might bring up a process already at play related to your aspirations. You may be coming to the end of something related to your career, and your life direction could be shifting. This eclipse in Scorpio offers release, especially for stagnating patterns, and it is a good time for letting go of outdated ideas, especially around what success means for you. Mars is conjoined with Neptune in Pisces in the eclipse configuration, which may bring a foggy sense of incertitude or even fantasy regarding your resources. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces in this eclipse chart may also indicate the risks or gambles you need to take at this time to make a dream come true.

On May 20th, the  Sun enters Gemini, and things start to feel a lot lighter. The Gemini  Sun may increase your desire to do fun things and focus on your passions in the coming weeks.  Mercurymeets the  Sun in Gemini a day later on the 21st, which is usually considered an essential part of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. The weekend of May 20th could bring insights into where you want to take your passions and creativity. 

On May 24th, Mars enters Aries joining Jupiter and Venus already transiting here, which continues to boost communications of all kinds and your self-expression. It should feel like a pleasant and creative time, especially if you permit yourself to break your own rules and are not afraid of going after what you want.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th, accompanying the Gemini New Moon of the 30th, signaling the beginning of a more sensual and creative time. If you have the opportunity to relax and focus on what you love, the end of the month should feel like a pleasant yet productive respite.

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