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Petra always calls upon angels and uses prayer to heal, and is quite capable at healing from a distance. She always advises clients to seek professional medical advice and effective medical therapies whenever necessary.


   Petra is adamant that you benefit from your experience with her. Her greatest reward is helping people to see, to learn, and to overcome life’s difficulties.


  Angel Healing Therapy


    Angel Healing Therapy is a spiritual healing method led by Angels and Archangels that involves working with a person's guardian angels and all of the Angelic Realm to heal, harmonize and balance every aspect of person's well being on all levels of his/her being and existence trough time and space.



  Charges for phone consultations, face-to-face consultations and healings vary depending on need and duration.


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Fee for office consultation with Petra for a first visit is $75.  

After that it is $35.


Office fee does not include healing or psychic reading.


First consultation with Petra last over an one hour.


After consultation, Petra carefully gathers all necessary information that she needs to be able to recommend to you specific treatment for your needs.

In Petra’s treatments, she recommends herbs, Energy bio-information products, homeopathy,     spiritual healing, specific diet , exercise .........


Payments for consultations and healings by phone can be made by credit card through the secure online payment system of Pay Pal.

After contacting Petra by e-mail you can send the appropriate amount using your credit card for the following services by just clicking on the “add to cart ” button.


(You will receive an email confirming receipt of your payment.)            


Charge for phone consultation is $75.

Payment is send prior scheduled phone consultation.

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