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Rock your Vision...

Soul Coaching with Petra

1-ON-1 Soul Coaching with Petra : 6 Sessions By Phone


I may not know you yet, but I know that if you are reading this you have open heart and clear mind...

Just like me, you have a vision of a better world. You know in your heart that a more loving and sustainable world is possible, and you want your life to be fully aligned with your values.

You feel called to serve a higher purpose, and to do work that is deeply aligned with your soul’s need to contribute.


You have an opportunity to take action and create the healthy and fulfilling life you dream about. And if not now, when?


Life doesn’t have to happen TO you.

What if you could ignite your inner power, and in so doing, claim a profound partnership with the Conscious Universe?


Now you can.

I also believe in Soul Coaching Program because I have seen what it has done for thousands of participants already. It can truly change you and your life forever.

So if this feels right to you, I invite you to say yes...

Yes to having the support and guidance you deserve.

Yes to becoming the person you are meant to become.

Yes to being of profound service in the world.

Yes to the financial freedom that will come from self mastery and personal transformation on all levels of your existence..

And yes to enjoying the life in creative way and have the ability this creativity to share among many.

I would be honored to be your inspiration on this journey, so click the button below and register now.

Your dreams are there...

How long will you keep them waiting?

What People are Saying ...

Michelle Gioia, NV

I wasn't always a believer. I've faced a lot of losses and difficulties in life that just over time got the best of me. Petra is a genuine person and accurate? Yes! Very accurate, very gentle person. She's literally an angel walking this earth, she is amazing! She helped me realize just how worthy I am and what I am capable of, she never judged me and also helped me with buried pain that was weighing down on me. I honestly feel free and very thankful, my life is COMPLETELY changed thanks to Petra.

Emma, M.D., LA

I was confused, stressed out, overworked and sleep deprived when I counseled with Petra. From the first session, she helped me to clarify my true heart's desires, and laid the plan to achieving them in a simple step by step fashion. I feel free once again to live my life in a wholesome way, and to give of myself to my career and family only the best, since I am now taking care of my needs first!"

John, NC

Petra is a powerful medium. She has a profound ability to guide you into the depths of your suppressed emotions, find the root cause of them, and therefore create permanent, positive healings. I would recommend anybody hire Petra who is looking to deepen their Spiritual understanding of "them-self" and heal their past!

Rock your Vision...

Soul Coaching with Petra

Regular Investment: $2,400


Best Value!


It all begins with Personal  Mastery

Personal Mastery is a part of the 7-week online course. By working with Petra in 6 personal sessions you will discover and heal limiting beliefs holding you back, identify your authentic purpose and truth, find peace and harmonize every area of your life on all levels of your existence trough time and space. You will gain a deep understanding of your current life challenges, where they are coming from and how to eliminate them.

This isn’t about becoming a ‘medium’ or a psychic.

 It’s not Petra that hold the power… it’s YOU.

Petra just simply help you communicate with your Higher Power, and manifest your reality in partnership with Spirit.

She will help you understand the consequences of certain choices…and illuminate the path that’s for your highest good. With this broader lens, new possibilities may become apparent that were previously unavailable to you. Petra will give you powerful tools- navigators, and as you learn them you will recognize their multiple gifts.

With personal mastery, you’ll become more spiritually aware – and able to create a prosperous life beyond your imagination.

Spiritual coaching empowers you to live from your innermost spiritual nature of unconditional love, unity with nature, understanding and acceptance.

Petra's pinpoint intuitive accuracy, decades of experience and soul-based approach creates success in every coaching session. Your life will change for ever!

It’s the step you can take right now to make real change and take a meaningful step towards living the life you were meant to live.

Session 1:Know Yourself

“The best way to know where you’re heading is to know who you are, where you are now – and how you got there.”

In Session 1, you’ll explore your story so far to discover what needs to change in order for you to manifest a uniquely authentic, inspired life. You’ll learn how to connect with your Higher Power, and activate this powerful partnership to co-create your best life.

Petra will explain to you:

  • How your past conditioning does NOT need to define your future experience

  • How to recognize patterns of synchronicity that have already been set in motion

  • How life challenges and limiting believes about yourself are effecting your current life, your career, your health, and your relationships

  • How to SHIFT from a powerless “victim” to a deliberate co-creator, in close partnership with Spirit

Once you master Personal Mastery, you’ll discover you are always protected and divinely directed when you consult your Spirit for guidance.

6 Powerful sessions with Petra will include

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