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Book your Transformative Business Coaching with Petra

Petra works with an exclusive list of leaders and influencers; executives, entrepreneurs, celebrity artists, and visionaries. What do they all have in common? They’re each in search of a new perspective that will allow them to excel further, climb higher, accomplish more, find meaning and deeper insights. Most importantly, they’re accomplished individuals looking to create not just “successful lives and businesses”, but to offer meaningful profound service that is fully in alignment with their soul, heart, purpose, vision and mission that positively changes the world around them.


For over twenty years, Petra used her skills as an spiritual soul coach, entrepreneur, educator, and influencer to help these individuals see their world with sharp clarity and deep insight. This empowers them to make the business decisions that will fulfill their missions in the most efficient ways possible, and in turn have a profound positive and lasting effect on all they influence in this world.

Imagine your goals, your company goals, your professional goals – all lined up in a row.

Now – imagine having the power and insight necessary to turn every one of those goals into meaningful accomplishments.

Imagine connecting to that sense of being aligned with a force that gives you that certain edge and clarity to propel you to new levels of power and surety in the marketplace, so your impact and influence leaves an indelible footprint in the world.