Eco Palm Wax Candles

(Pure Flame of Trinosophia)

Hand made Custom Eco Palm Wax Candles Symbolizing Universal Spiritual Principles of Unconditional Love, Freedom, Harmony, Blissfulness, Felicity, Calmness, and Peace

When you purchase an ECO Palm Wax Candle, know that you are buying the most ECO-friendly candle on the planet. We use only ECO-friendly dyes. They are 100% REACH compliant. Our wicks are 100% organic cotton, our Palm wax comes from a RSPO ( Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ) member source. Our ECO Palm Wax Candles are vegan without bees wax, paraffin, or synthetic petrochemical additives.

 Pure Flame of Trinoshophia 

Available Colors 

  2x4.5 - Pillar                       30+ hr
  2x6.5 - Pillar                       45+ hr
  3x3.5 - Pillar                       35+ hr
  3x4.5 - Pillar                       40+ hr
  2.5x2.5x3.5 - Square          25+hr
  2.5x2.5x8 - Square             50+ hr

Pillar Chakra Candles: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

$19.00 each

Candles are six and a half inches high and two inches in diameter a piece.

Each Mystical Candle has been handcrafted from the finest ECO palm wax. Made in USA by Petra.


If you are interested in purchasing our ECO candles for your store or your practice, please email us at so we can provide you with wholesale price.
Thank you for your interest.