Cancer Horoscope for October 2019

Posted on September 30, 2019 in Cancer |

By Petra


You are going through another interesting month of new life direction and personal transformation, Cancer, especially in the area of partnership commitment. You are likely experiencing major structural changes in the way you do relationship with important persons in your life, and the impulse is also there for breaking out of established ruts of all kinds. Sometimes the shortest way to where you want to be lies in the unexpected path. You are changing mightily at the core, while reflecting on your psychological roots, as evidenced by your family dynamics, including family of origin issues, and as well the residue of ancient trauma there, that may be coming up for you these days. If so, this is not something to be avoided or disappointed by, but rather an opportunity for growth. When you can face the past and your dark places calmly, and reach out a helping hand from your now adult standpoint toward the hurt child within you, you will have taken a significant toward healing these issues.

The month begins right on the heels of a New Moon in Libra, which landed in your fourth house (September 28th). With a string of planetary transits continuing to move through Libra and your fourth house this month, the topics of home and family will continue to be a primary focus for you. Because Uranus in Taurus, in your eleventh house, was strongly triggered in this recent New Moon, you will likely feel a strong burst of intuitional connection to, and also fluctuations within group affiliations, friendship, and future goals. Many new directions will likely come up for you over the course of an active month, so that discernment on your part will be required to sort things out, and decide where to jump forward versus more cautious holding back. You will also likely see some sort of emphasis on your workplace, or health, and on issues of service to others.

On October 3rd, Mars will enter Libra suggesting themes of hardship, conflict, competition, courage, and confrontation in the home front are also part of your inner work this month.

By October 5th to the 7th, Mercury in Scorpio will perfect an opposition to Uranus in Taurus across your fifth and eleventh house axis of creativity, friends, and groups. Watch as your mind is being opened, or you are changing your thoughts, or even considering brand new technologies or new ways of thinking, perhaps in relation to new groups of people, friends, or work associates.

At the same time, exact on October 7th, the Sun in Libra will square Saturn in Capricorn in your seventh house of relationships. This transit brings with it an opportunity for a more mature and realistic perspective in your relationships, while also highlighting the inner work you are doing right now around the topics of home and family.

Between October 11th and 13th, Venus in Scorpio will then follow in Mercury’s footsteps and oppose Uranus in Taurus, across the 5th and 11th house axis. Watch for the Venusian themes of romance, sexuality, art, love, pleasure, beauty and entertainment, to meet the Uranian themes of revolution, disruption, independence, and freedom.

Then on October 13th, the Full Moon in Aries will land in your tenth house of career, suggesting that your mind and emotions will be dedicated to professional matters. You may be feeling very personally inspired at this time to start something new, or to face a challenge or tackle a problem head on.

At the same time, the Sun in Libra in your fourth house of home and family, along with the Moon in Aries in your tenth house, will both square Pluto in Capricorn in your seventh house of relationships, echoing the Sun’s earlier square to Saturn in Capricorn. Again, a heavier, more serious and mature energy is working its way through both your relationships and your home and family life this month. During this transit, the themes of death, letting go, and regeneration or renewal are pronounced. It is also important to note that this is part of an ongoing longer cycle that will culminate in late 2020.

Finally, between October 26th to the 28th, the Sun in Scorpio will also oppose Uranus in Taurus, once more lighting up the 5th and 11th house axis of creativity and friends, joy and groups of people. ]

The Scorpio New Moon falls within this period, on October 27th, in partile or same-degree opposition to Uranus and also aspecting Saturn in your seventh house of relationship. Over the thirty-day lunation cycle ahead you will undoubtedly feel the push-pull of these twin impulses, to go out on a limb without regard to the consequences (Uranus) and simultaneously to honor commitments and go slowly, especially where relationships are concerned. Don’t be surprised if there are a series of social and creative breakthroughs during November that come unexpectedly. While it’s a great time to meet new people, and to find healthier ways of spending your time and energy, you might also either deepen existing commitments or else be forced to leave behind relationships or activities that are stressing you out more than they are inspiring you.



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