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Cancer Horoscope for March 2023


Posted on February 28, 2023 in Cancer | 
By Petra


This month is one in which your outer world orientation can flourish, Cancer, while you are yet paying the closest possible attention to the hidden layers of your psyche. The month begins in the wake of the recent potent Pisces New Moon. The fresh feeling of enterprise stemming from that February timing references your beliefs and worldview, and as well potential educational or travel initiatives. As the March month gets underway, with the Moon in your sign, your career and professional life also gets a boost from prominent Jupiter. You are feeling wide open as well to future possibilities, so that, in one way, the sky is the limit. There are also more sobering indications, from prominent Saturn. This is a potentially tricky month, with enormous possibilities for sailing ahead and for deep-sated transformation. The key to navigating it would seem to depend upon your reliance on the wisdom emerging from your depths, from a process of profound intuition, which is also favored as you advance your various projects. The Virgo Full Moon brings curiosity and learning, while the AriesNew Moon of the 21st puts a ton of emphasis on career concerns and activity, launching what is an essentially positive thirty-day future cycle.

The New Moon in Pisces from February 19th and 20th emphasized themes related to education, travel, and a broadening of your intellectual horizons that lasts you throughout the first two thirds of March. An expansion in your social sector which may relate to a vocational path is indicated and you can also have an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds that bring new perspectives for you to work with. There might be a process that is well underway that has to do with re-formulating or refining a goal or a role that you have in the world and this could be strongly highlighted in March. This month can bring progress and a desire to move beyond your comfort zone to integrate new concepts which in turn brings a totally different way of seeing the world. Exchanging ideas with others on a variety of important topics could be an important part of broadening your worldviews.

From the 1st to the 3rd, the month of March begins with a beautiful triple conjunction between Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in in Aries. Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest visible planets to the naked eye and can be seen in the Western skies just after sunset for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere. Their conjunction augurs possible expansion and flow for things that relate to your career and your public life. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, relates to becoming more aware of inner wounding and its potential healing, and is activated in a quite positive way during this first week of March. This aspect pattern might offer an integrative influence for any insecurities you might have surrounding success, or doubts about your role and contribution in the world. 

Mercury enters Pisces on the 2nd after a conjunction with Saturn which should bring more ease for learning and teaching in the following weeks after a heavier period of thinking and planning.

The Virgo Full Moon takes place on the 7th and emphasizes writing, learning, and communication in general. There may be a culmination related to learning and the synthesis of your ideas into broader concepts and applications. This process can feel enlightening yet there is also a possibility of getting caught up in details without seeing the big picture or not being able to break down your ideas into distinct parts. Uranus which is associated with innovations and breakthroughs is in a supportive aspect to the Full Moon which promises breakthroughs and progress at this time.

Saturn enters Pisces, also on the 7th, a few hours after the Full Moon . The next two years of Saturn’s sojourn there emphasizes higher learning, mental activities, and the possibility of integrating new frameworks within your pre-existing belief systems. Saturn in Pisces forms a supportive trine in relation to the sign of Cancer indicating that this process could happen gradually and bring an important shift in perspective during the course of the next two years.

The  Sun and  Mercury in Pisces meet glamorous and fantasy-inducing Neptune mid-month which may highlight wishful thinking or a tendency to gloss over details. Mars in Gemini around the 14th to the16th forms a square to the  Sun,  Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces. This is dynamic and may highlight an important contrast between the mundane and the mystical, the real and the imaginal. Be aware that your spiritual or philosophical ideas might take the wheel for a few days especially if you have to do intellectual work that requires discrimination.

Things will gradually come into focus in the later part of the month starting with Venus’s entry on the 16th into earthy and grounded Taurus and  Mercury’s subsequent entry into Aries on the 18th which should also help for getting things done.

The  Sun enters Aries on the 20th which signals Spring and the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The Aries New Moon occurs a day later on March 21st, in the part of your chart that relates to your vocation and your role in the world, signaling the beginning of a new cycle for your career that will unfold over the next four weeks. There are six planets in Aries at the New Moon, signaling a complex set of influences for career and profession lasting to beyond the end of the current month. Great good fortune in this area is certainly one potential, along with digging more deeply into your own depths as you expand your creative potential.

Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd leaving the sign of Capricorn where it had been transiting since 2008. Pluto will spend the next 20 years in the sign of Aquarius and its effect may not be felt immediately however it does signal important transformation and renewal afoot, especially in the ways you experience interpersonal relationships.

Mars enters your sign on the 25th, leaving the sign of Gemini where it had been transiting since last August. This is another important shift occurring this month that could bring more outward expressions and vitality to get things done after an extended period of introspection. 

The last week of March is centered on the Moon’s First Quarter in your sign, taking place on the 28th. This makes for a moment of tension in the developments of the ending of the month, with an emphasis on deep wisdom within you that you can draw upon as a factor that is entering as well into your sense of your identity and into your professional life. In one way it is a logical outcome of getting to know yourself better at unconscious levels, along with your deepest and most sincere values. Naturally these recent explorations will integrate with all the different areas of your life, and you are seeing some of that in this final week of the month.

Mars in your sign forms a trine with Saturn in Pisces at the end of the month through the beginning of the next, which should feel really progressive and confidence-boosting especially when it comes to your goals and your vision for the future.


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