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Why you should come to Petra’s Spiritual class:


   You should come to Petra’s classes if you are tired of going in circles and want to understand why you are here on this planet.  You should attend if you want to know what your real purpose is here on earth and if you wonder how you can break the circle of reincarnation and stay in your physical body as long as you desire. If you want to grow spiritually, this class is right for you. You should come to Petra’s classes if you want to know what the light quotation is and why you need it and how to increase your light. If you want to know why you should not communicate with  spirits by yourself but only through your spirit guides and to which dimension or planet you will go, and why, after leaving your physical body, this class is for you. Why is meditation illusion? Why do we need Golden Atoms of The Holly Spirit and more...


   How can you heal yourself and send energy to mother Earth? How can you change your RNA? If you want to know how to make your personal healing essences capable of heal anything in matter in the present time, and more, this class is for you.

You need to know why is so important to work and to grow on the spiritual level and why you should work toward the full realization of oneself in the physical body on all levels of your existence and experience. You should know that where we go after we die is completely determined by our spiritual development during our lifetime.

The era of Trinity is at its beginning.  

Spiritual Seminar starts at 11:00pm - 5:00 pm. There is one hour lunch break.


   Each Spiritual class is different and unique. Class is led by Masters of Heaven. In a first class, Petra will explain to you in detail process of death, Where do we go immediately after we leave our physical body, What do we do on other side, Cathedral of knowledge, Era of Trinity,

Circle of reincarnation and how to break it, Exercises and powerful spiritual healing   



  Reiki is a laying-on-of-hands healing technique. It encourages the body to heal faster. It boosts the immune system and eliminates toxins and blockages from the body. Your energy is renewed and feels a sense of wellness and relaxation.

Reiki is a healing technique that does not use drugs, herbs, needles or superstition. It is not a religion, cult or creed, nor is it a New Age trend. It is a healing technique suitable for all genders, ages and is compatible with all religious beliefs and cultures. Reiki works complementarily with western, conventional medicine and other healing modalities. Reiki can be used to heal plants and animals, as well.



It supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself It aligns and balances the body’s energy centers ( chakras) It relieves stress and tension It induces a state of deep relaxation It strengthens the immune system It cleanses the body of toxins and blockages It relieves pain It renews the body’s energy It enhances spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being It promotes creativity, increases personal awareness and strengthens intuition It is an extremely pleasant, holistic method of healing in 4 levels ( physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

An attunement awakens the inner healing power of a person. This technique can only be performed by a Certified Reiki Master who harnesses the energy
from the cosmos into the 7 chakras (energy centers). After attunement, the body undergoes a 21-day cleansing cycle where blockages and toxins are eliminated. During the attunement, some people experience tingling or pulsing sensations; others feel warmth or a cool breeze in their palms. After Attunement, the growth and potential of a person are accelerated. Many people experienced transformation and change for the better in all the 4 levels.
You can learn this healing technique by attending Petra’s Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III seminars.

In the Reiki I seminar: $150
you will be given 1 attunement, which will align and tune-in your energy centers (7 major chakras in the body) and awaken your inner healing power. Upon the completion of this process, God’s Universal Life Force Energy becomes amplified when drawn through your hands. Your creativity and intuition will be enhanced. In this seminar, you will learn about Reiki history, you will acquire the ability to learn the basic laying-on-of-hands techniques of healing yourself and others. You will learn how to do body scanning with your hands’ chakras and sending energy through beaming. You will also learn how to use Reiki on animals, plants and more. You will be given 1 original Reiki Symbol to work with.

In Reiki II seminar: $250
you will be given 1 powerful attunement to magnify your Reiki energy. Your Reiki energy will became 20% stronger. You will learn 2 original Reiki Symbols and techniques to help you heal yourself and others at a faster speed in 4 levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). You will also learn how to do distance healing through time and space. You learn how to heal present, past and future situations; as well as how to heal through photograph and phone; how you can positively influence certain situations; how to program candles, crystals, gold, silver; and how to cleanse and protect yourself and your loved ones against negative energy or psychic attacks.

In Reiki III seminar: $350-$375
you will be given 1 powerful attunement that will connect you forever with God. Your Reiki energy will became 50% stronger then with R II. You will learn 1 original Reiki Symbol (master symbol). With Level III attunement your Karma will be lowered from 20-50%. You will learn how to send Reiki energy to the present, past and the future as well as how to heal animals and plants through distance. You will learn how to cleanse your house, office and rooms from negative energies. You will also learn mental healing; how to get rid of mental blocks and addictions; reduction of high fever or high blood pressure; sending energy through your 6th chakra; healing through your astral body; giving energy through meridians; exchanging energy through hands; getting rid of pain through the rotating method; cleansing and balancing the chakras. Also, you will learn how to do your own life regression, how to charge the battery and more.



The beauty of Karuna Ki is that when major healing issues arise, they can be acknowledged, processed and healed in a matter of moments because they are dealt with in their fundamental energetic form. Therefore, when it is appropriate, Karuna Ki can bring about deep emotional healing without the recipient having to re-live an unpleasant life situation or have an intense emotional experience. Karuna KI can help heal physical evidence of cellular memory.


For more information about REIKI and KARUNA-KI seminars, contact Petra by E-mail only


Due to a large demand of client’s requests, Petra holds only private one-on-one or couple classes in her private studio in Colorado Springs, CO and in Charlotte, NC

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