Where is the hidden cause of the disease?

Where does disease actually reside? Disease resides in energy blocks. They are weak understandings of an individual about himself, which results in errors during his interactions in his life. Based upon these errors, he conducts certain patterns of behavior, which leads him into despair and uncertainty. These psychological life situations are expressed into both the energetic and the physical body as an injury or illness. If we want to remove these uncertainties and despaired situations which are projected into our physical body in the form of disease, we have to remove the energy block from our mind. In other words, we have to remove the energy block from our psyche. How? We can do this through being aware of homeopathic or spiritual healing. Because I was born as a spiritual healer, it is easier for me to use spiritual healing to add missing information in one’s mind. Or I can delete information that clogs one’s mind. Adding or deleting certain information from one mind tunes our psyche, and therefore one can heal. For example, suppressed rage, which produces gallstones, is replaced with open friendliness, producing viscous bile. There are a lot of situations or challenges that cause sickness in one’s life. Understanding specific family, ancestral or karmic situations or by removal of the energy block, can result in the removal of disease itself. Then the client is healthy and himself again. What prevents us to be ourselves? Our mind prevents us to be ourselves. It is a monster, a thief, which prevents us from getting to our natural state of being a human. On one side of our natural state is our spiritual core. And on the other side is our common sense. Homeopathy or spiritual healing used as similimum based on a clearly defined objective, can bind negative information of a bizarre mental pattern in the mind, and can delete and then complement positive information at the same time. This is one way how I remove bizarre behavior and actions of my client. One’s luminous potential opens up and establishes a connection with the spirit. I work based on intense consciousness resonating with nature and its source which interconnects my clients with their spirit itself. This is the most precious medicine of all. The Will of the Spirit manifests by itself and it is so intelligent that it finds the most correct path to heal the body and the soul. This luminous potential then shines through the abstract center into the periphery itself, where, for example, it can turn asthma into a pure and deep breathing. Self-awareness can wipe off the negative information of one’s mind and a new consciousness can return one’s stolen health. Karma is gone! How do I heal my clients? First, I will connect with the abstract spiritual core of my client. When this connection is made, it is possible to cure chronic illness or disease that cannot be healed. I call awareness and understanding of oneself only when the energy block is removed from the physical body. For some people, such awareness can happen immediately. Then, their karma, mostly situational, disappears with their physiological disorder in a few minutes or days. If it is a family and ancestral karma, including karma from a past life, the awareness or the understanding of oneself requires a perfect choice of the certain information coming form the specific event or from the entire past life. And it requires a deeper understanding and meaning not only on the mental level, but also on the emotional level. Some people wake up faster, others later, so healing can take weeks, months or even longer. Unfortunately, many of them are unable, unwilling or simply do not realize how to wake up. Mental blocks, caused by non-awareness of oneself are coming not only from one present life, but also from one’s past and even future life.

Since I am talking about present, past and future life, spiritual healing is perfect for cleansing negative blocks because, for Angels and Masters of Heaven, time does not exist. If I consider linearity in one’s mind as a solid point, then the whole life story from the past, present or from the future, in other words, is actually a quantum of one current emotion with karmic consciousness obtaining information of removing energy block “here and now”! But there is still more work to be done. One must go beyond the mind, beyond the linearity or the solid point and only then one can find the true potential of creation that has not been exploited to one’s luminosity. And only here one can find a placebo, or panacea, and it is the spirit itself.

What about allopathic medicines? Allopathic medicine is useful in helping to push the disease to other healthy organs or organ systems in the body. When too many drugs are used, disease is pushed from the body’s consciousness to the soul’s consciousness where it is lurks like time bomb. So physical illness hides itself in the form of a mental block and manifests itself only in biased behavior or conducted ego.

Where is the hidden cause of the disease? The hidden cause of disease is in the astral, mental, emotional, causal plane of the body, which I understand as a man's soul. In other words, it is the energetic backing of one physical face or body. If the soul of a man is pure, then his physical body should be pure as well. What separates the physical body from the subtle bodies of the soul is impurity and a diseased mind. This diseased mind literally soaks in the energetic and physical system and chops them up into millions of pieces. Here it separates its energetic continuum and cuts off individual information or clusters of information stored there. The person is then trying to trace them down, but indirectly, through his mind, using the mechanism of reflection and projection, thus creating only energy blocks. His original perception and luminosity changes into a darkened consciousness, which is the diseased mind with energy blocks charged up as time bombs that explode into mental or physical illness. The mind acts here as a changeable object. It goes everywhere with its information made of a collective cluster of informations which prevents a person from expressing himself in his natural manifestation. A natural manifestation can be expressed only when the soul and the physical body work together and are charged by the spirit. In other words, the soul and the physical body are suppose to be united by the spirit, not by the mind! Therein lies the wholeness and the existence of life. The spirit has to be present in the energetic systems of the body to provide a real physical and psychological health, which prevents the influence of separation mechanisms, reflection and projection of a diseased mind. But its program enters into us by interference of negative forces at conception and prenatally at birth, and, indeed, throughout our lives. So it is difficult to understand ourselves even with the help of angels. Therefore, we must constantly nourish our soul, so we can wake up. We also must call upon our spirit, so we can feel and correct our original perception of ourselves and the world that our diseased mind completely distorted and plunged us into all-important roles of clowns and jesters. Only then can we be whole as we used to be to begin with. The vibration level of our body could be pretty high, if we could work from the position of our Spirit. But we do not work this way. We vegetate from the position of the diseased mind. This mind with its karma and toxic substances corrodes our soul and our body. When we watch something nasty on television, like the TV News, the whole body vibration is reduced and our immediate pre-occupational sensory is experienced later on as fatigue, exhaustion, frustration, stupidity, sadness, depression or physical problems. One way that I can deal with such conditions that my clients experience, is that I try to restore in them as much of their stolen light of the Holy Spirit as possible.

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